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IdeaPad S10-3s will be
available in July

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3rd generation netbooks

3rd generation netbooks

Splurge on a netbook with more features, better wireless, more time unplugged and ridiculously light and thin.

You'll love the easy, instant-on feature. Access the web, email, photos, music and more in seconds—and in style. Stay entertained, email friends, check out the latest facebook posting on your wall and Skype-away as often as you like. S Series netbooks are designed to keep you well-connected any time and any where.

Quick tour. Look for these options and features when you shop for
your netbook.
  • Intel® Atom™ N450 processor
  • 802.11b/g/n, WWAN, 3G and Bluetooth®
  • Up to 2GB DDR2 memory
  • Lots of expansion options for peripheral devices
  • Plenty of ports-3 x USB2.0, 5-in-1 card reader, VGA and more

Features that seem like extras

Don't limit yourself
S10-3s mini laptops are more than simple, tiny gadgets made for email and Web surfing. S10-3s netbooks include many cool options and features you won't find in other netbooks.

Dolby® headphone™ digital sound
Stream or listen to your music library in vivid audio anywhere.

VGA port
A tiny 10" screen isn't exactly made for watching movies, but your TV is. A VGA port allows you to output to your TV and play movies on a
larger screen.

Sharing information between PCs has never been easier. Sync your photos, music, videos, IE bookmarks and emails without connecting to
the internet.

Instant-on Quick Start
Waiting for your netbook to boot up or shut down is no fun. Access your favorite apps in less than 10 seconds with instant-on technology.
Features that seem like extras
57Y6336 Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard

Accessorize your S10-netbook

57Y6336 Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard
Upgrade your entertainment experience with a palm-size wireless multimedia remote. Its mini keyboard and wireless mouse make viewing movies, playing online games and listening to music effortless and clutter-free.

55Y9401 Lenovo DataSlim UHD E18-320GB
High-capacity storage in a small, lightweight, and completely portable device that fits in a shirt pocket. These drives allow easy storage expansion, video and audio file storage, simple file backup and hi-speed transfers. No AC adapter required.

Because accidents will happen

When your toddler wants to find out if netbooks fly, your netbook tumbles down the stairs and for those mornings when you race to catch the bus, S10-3s has built-in protection against drops and falls.

Refined mini-technology

Stylish and affordable
Netbooks don't have to look like over-sized, dull calculators. S10-3s has an eye-catching and fun design proving netbooks can be stylish
and affordable.

Lighten up and stretch out
S10-3s may be petite, but it features a full-size keyboard unlike most netbooks. So stretch your fingers over a nice, roomy keyboard. Surf the web, IM friends and type away as long as you like.

Not a second to spare

Get connected and stay connected. Avoid slow, agonizing boot ups. Access your favorite apps in less than 10 seconds with Quick Start technology. Connect, share and instant message without connecting to the internet with DirectShare.

While you're out

Travel even lighter. S10-3s is light and thin with longer battery life so you won't have to lug that annoying cable every time you venture out. Choose a netbook with built-in MapLife GPS capability and the best wireless options and be sure you know where you're going.
Refined mini-technology
IdeaPad S10-3s

Coming soon

IdeaPad S10-3s will be available mid April.
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