ThinkPad notebooks are now available with fast, reliable solid-state storage drives.� Select T Series, X Series and X Series Tablet models now offer these durable, Flash-based drives that make accessing data and loading applications faster than ever.
Solid-state storage drives offer several advantages over traditional hard drives:
Faster boot times
Faster application load times
Lower power usage
Less heat production
Greater durability
Quiet operation
And since they consume less power, systems equipped with solid-state drives can run longer on battery power – making a solid-state drive an ideal choice for users who spend a lot of time unplugged.
Featured models
ThinkPad X300 ThinkPad X61 Tablet ThinkPad T61
Which storage drive is right for you?
It depends on your needs.

Faster boot time and application load times
Extra durability
Longer battery life
Flash-based Solid State Drives access data faster, use less power and – with no moving parts – are considered less susceptible to damage and breakdown than traditional hard drives.
Greater storage capacity
Full Disk Encryption security option
Get up to 250GB storage at 5400 rpm or up to 200GB at 7200 rpm, each with available Full Disk Encryption that seamlessly encrypts all data for an extra level of protection.