Lenovo recommends Windows. 


Graphics DNAProcessor brawnStealthy power
ThinkStation E-S Series budget workstation PCs for business

Literally watch your creations come alive with a wide range of NVIDIA® graphics cards.

Tailor your workstation to meet your needs — even if you dream in 3D.

Lenovo ThinkStation E-S Series affordable business workstations

These pure performance engines have a wealth of cache

and multiprocessing capabilities that let you skip the desktop

to run more demanding programs.

Lenovo ThinkStation E and S Series quiet desktop workstations

Hear that? Probably not, as E and S Series workstations emit just 24dB of idle operating noise

(normal office noise falls between 50 and 60dB). Large cooling fans keep these systems hushed and undetected.

...are you a corporate buyer of CAD and DCC (digital content creation, duh!) systems looking to save a few pennies in a difficult economic environment? Well, you're in luck...


ThinkStation E30 workstation video tour