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1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, go!Everything is better in high-def Easy expansion
IdeaCentre K Series gaming and family desktop PC from Lenovo

Shift into turbo gear to rev up your gaming or speed
up internet streaming. Then downshift to conserve
power, noise and heat emissions during light use
such as email and web surfing. Such a simple power
switch, such a dynamic experience.

IdeaCentre K Series gaming desktop PC

Lose yourself in gaming and movies like never
before. Brilliant video and crisp audio output
transport you to new heights.

IdeaCentre K Series desktop PC is easy to expand and upgrade.

Expandability, easy-to-access hard drive and more ports, slots and connection
options than you could ever need. Keep pace with ever-evolving PC technology
and save time and money in the process. A convenient buckle design lets you
change graphics and sound cards using a simple catch mechanism.

With all the focus on nettops and all-in-ones this past year, it's nice to see a company like Lenovo still cranking out configurable, stylish, powerful desktop towers.


Tour the intense IdeaCentre K320 desktop PC.

Standard on all modelsAvailable on select modelsNot available
Core technology

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium

If you use your PC strictly at home and for entertainment, Windows® 7 Home Premium is a good choice. Home Premium lets you easily set up a home network and connect to printers and devices. It’s designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker, plus connecting to wireless networks is fast and easy. Get the best entertainment experience and watch shows for free with Internet TV on Windows Media Center. Learn more.

Windows® 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience PC

This exclusive certification identifies Lenovo PCs that are unmatched in functionality; computers that deliver faster start-up and connection times plus more entertainment and business features than ever before. Learn more.

Up to 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i series processors

Select models are powered by up to 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which features smart performance and built-in visuals for a visibly better PC experience. Learn more.

Previous generation Intel® Core™ i series processors

Select models are powered by up to previous generation Intel Core i series processor technology, which combines unique Intel technologies and massive memory bandwidth to accelerate workloads for incredible performance. Learn more.

DDR3 memory

The latest DDR3 memory provides faster performance for running multimedia applications and the latest games.

HD graphics support

Enjoy breathtaking high-definition video, or output to an HD-ready monitor or television without suffering any quality loss. [Output of HD content to external devices requires a HDMI port which is not available on all models. Check individual model listings for details.]

AMD Radeon™ HD graphics

AMD Radeon™ HD graphics card ensures smooth playback, speedy graphics and an intense video experience.

Blu-ray Disc™ drive

The Blu-ray recordable drive lets you watch high-definition Blu-ray movies or record/store up to 50 GB of data on recordable Blu-ray discs.

3D support

Select K Series models support 3D technology. (Requires 3D capable monitor, not included.)
Special features

Three-level power control switch

K Series PCs feature three levels of power. Select turbo mode to optimize your gaming experience or down-shift into green mode to conserve power when performing basis tasks like checking email.

TV tuner

Maximize your PC and use it like a TV by selecting a model with a built-in TV tuner. Stream, watch or record programs.

Easy tool-free chassis design

Easily upgrade, add or replace components like graphics or sound cards without tools or screwdrivers.
Security solutions

OneKey® Rescue and Recovery® System

With the touch of a button, restore your system and recover valuable data. This rescue interface allows you to diagnose where a corruption occurred ensuring fast and effective system recovery.

VeriFace® face-recognition software

Make your face your password. VeriFace® is the fun and easy way to log onto your computer.

Warranty and support

IdeaCentre desktops are backed by the Lenovo standard warranty and Lenovo Service and Support, offering the help you need when you need it.
Genuine Windows® software is published by Microsoft and licensed and supported by Microsoft or an authorized licensor. Genuine software helps protect you from the risks of counterfeit software, provides you with special benefits and the experience and support you expect. Learn more by visiting www.microsoft.com/genuine