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Entertainment to goAttractive, not flashyA vast multimedia menuStay in sync
IdeaPad Z-Series entertainment laptop PCs

Bring the cinema wherever you go with the Z Series' OneKey®

Theater, a command center that enriches images and

elevates sound on our Dolby® Advanced Audio™ speakers.

Relish watching long movies and having uninterrupted gaming

sessions sans wires thanks to Lenovo Energy Management software.

IdeaPad Z-Series notebook PCs with widescreen displays

Metallic covers give Z Series systems a distinctive look

on the outside, but the real flair comes when you open

the top. Check out the high-def LED widescreen display,

handy textured trackpad and ergonomic AccuType keyboard

with individual rounded keys.

IdeaPad Z-Series notebooks with Intel processors are built for multimedia.

Have your cake and eat it, too. Remarkable features at
an affordable price—choose from the latest Intel® processors,
a dual-layer DVD burner, HD graphics support, and our
OneKey® Rescue System for data recovery.

IdeaPad Z Series entertainment laptop PCs offer WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G.

WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth® connectivity are standard. Stay

connected in another sense with our DirectShare utility.

It helps you sync and share large files with another laptop

without being on the internet.

. . . solid choice for students and families that want to watch movies or play games.


Video tour of the IdeaPad Z Series notebooks

Standard on all modelsAvailable on select modelsNot available
Core technology

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium

If you use your PC strictly at home and for entertainment, Windows® 7 Home Premium is a good choice. Home Premium lets you easily set up a home network and connect to printers and devices. It’s designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker, plus connecting to wireless networks is fast and easy. Get the best entertainment experience and watch shows for free with Internet TV on Windows Media Center. Learn more.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows® 7

This exclusive certification identifies Lenovo PCs that are unmatched in functionality. Using Lenovo’s RapidBoot technology, Enhanced Experience 2.0 PCs have optimized system files, processes, and hardware settings to achieve quicker boot and shutdown times. Start your PC on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer, and enjoy the best possible multimedia experience. Learn more.

Up to 2nd generation Intel® Core™i7 processor

Enjoy the latest processing with 2nd generation dual core Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3/i5/i7 platform. Get faster Wi-Di (wireless display connection) for video output, like movies and everything else you do with your computer. Learn more.

Intel® multi-core processors

Intel® processors improve productivity, security and energy efficiency. Learn more.

NVIDIA® Optimus™ graphics

NVIDIA® Optimus™ delivers fast, smooth, responsive performance switchable graphics.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Lenovo systems are optimized for Microsoft Office 2010. Purchase a Product Key or DVD to activate full-featured Office software that is preloaded. Learn more.
Everyday, useful features

Colorful designs

The latest Z series computers are available in a variety of colorful designs, some with special 3D effects.

Cool, understated style

A cool, brushed-metallic finish with a special appeal for those looking for a more polished look without the flash-factor.

Thermal management system

Laptops should not double as coffee cup warmers. Thermal management is a fan-based feature that keeps your laptops cool and quiet.

AccuType keyboard

A special, redesigned keyboard with taller keys and more space between them for easy cleaning and fewer typing errors.


Connect with other PCs in your network without logging onto the internet.

High-definition video and audio

Enjoy breathtaking high-definition video, or output to an HD-ready monitor or television without suffering any quality loss. [Output of HD content to external devices requires a HDMI port which is not available on all models. Check individual model listings for details.]

16:9, LED screen with 720 DPI

VibrantView widescreen panels are light in weight and crystal-clear to the eye. The high DPI, dots per inch, allows you to see a more vivid picture, unlike the lesser-quality LCD screens available at this price point with a poor, pixelated display.

Blu-ray Disc™ drive

Play your Blu-ray movies on a system worthy of them. Select models feature a built-in Blu-ray optical DVD disc player.

Upgraded OneKey® Theatre II

Get one button, on-demand clearer, brighter and more life-like video and audio.

USB 2.0 ports

Z360/Z560 models have three USB connection ports. Z370/Z570, our newest models, have four USB ports.

SRS stereo speakers

Premium speakers deliver better sound quality and volume for a better entertainment experience.

HDMI/VGA ports

Whether it's compatibiity or the desire to see, hear and feel your music and movies the way they were designed to be, all of our new Z series laptops have both VGA (older style) and HDMI (the most current) ports.
Peace of mind

OneKey® Rescue and Recovery®

Recover from a virus or crash with a touch of a button. Learn more.

Wireless connectivity options

WiFi, WiDi (for displaying wirelessly to a monitor or TV), WiMax and WLAN support.

Veriface™ software

Looking for an easy and fun way to log onto your computer? Veriface is a built-in software that enables you to use your face as your password.

Bluetooth® connectivity

Connect your laptop to a range of Bluetooth-enabled devices including mobile phones, headsets and PDAs. With Bluetooth enabled, sharing and synchronizing data between devices is easy and hassle-free with no wires or internet connectivity required. Learn more.

ENERGY STAR 5.0 compliant

The ENERGY STAR label attests to superior energy efficiency, lower operating costs, less overall energy use and reduced heat emissions. Learn more.

RoHS compliant

IdeaPad laptops feature key components that measure up to the rigorous RoHS standard (restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances). The RoHS directive requires the removal of six hazardous substances from electric and electronic equipment (Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg, Br compounds). Learn more.
Genuine Windows® software is published by Microsoft and licensed and supported by Microsoft or an authorized licensor. Genuine software helps protect you from the risks of counterfeit software, provides you with special benefits and the experience and support you expect. Learn more by visiting www.microsoft.com/genuine