Lenovo recommends Windows. 


Picture of Lenovo IdeaCentre A Series

IdeaCentre desktops come in all shapes and sizes.  There's the skinny all-in-one that

hides its working bits, the tiny nettop no larger than a book, and the regular desktop

that traditionalists will view with satisfaction.


The world of digital home entertainment is evolving and transforming almost everyday. 

Spacious home servers handle your massive media files while compact PCs unobtrusively

hook to the back of your TV or monitor. The brave among us are moving from the remote

to the mouse — are you ready?


Need a fast desktop? You got it — IdeaCentre systems get their power

from unbeatable multi-core processors.  Intel® Turbo Boost Technology

provides raw power and speed when you need it and more efficient performance

when it suits you. Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology helps each of your

processor cores multi-task so you don't have to wait for your computer. Serious

technology so you can have fun.

Its slick and shiny exterior merited a second look even from jaded souls like us, while our unscientific polling of nearby laypersons ended with the conclusion that the A300 is 'gorgeous.'


If you need a PC that takes up as little physical space as possible, this computer (IdeaCentre Q150) gets the job done and costs next to nothing, too.