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Lenovo ThinkCentre M-Series desktop PCs - highly efficient, cost saving desktops for business

Replace your lagging legacy desktops with spry new

eco M Series systems. You'll feel good about their

green features and save a chunk of money in the

process! ThinkCentre M Series PCs bring all the performance of

your average power-sucking desktop, only they do

it with far greater efficiency.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M Series desktop PCs are easy for small businesses to configure and update, without tools.

Feel free to fiddle with your M Series system. These

expandable machines are easy to open with a tool-less

design and convenient component layout. Configure


Lenovo M Series desktop PC systems reduce maintenance costs for small businesses and large enterprises.

Relax. M Series systems are like digital aspirin, taking

the headache out of large IT rollouts by providing

15 months of platform stability. They also come with

available technologies such as Secure Managed Client

and Intel® vPro™ to help you reduce your maintenance


Lenovo engineers "sweated the small stuff" . . .


Video tour of the ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktop PCs

Standard on all modelsAvailable on select modelsNot available
Core technology

Genuine Windows® 7 Professional

If you use your PC for work, you'll want Windows® 7 Professional. It helps you be more productive and protects the critical information you work with. Many routine tasks just take a couple of clicks, so you can spend less time setting up projectors, printers, and networks. Advanced backup options help you protect your hard work with automatic backups to your home or business network. And with Windows XP Mode, you can use virtually all of your Windows XP programs in Windows 7. Learn more.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows® 7

This exclusive certification identifies Lenovo PCs that are unmatched in functionality. Using Lenovo’s RapidBoot technology, Enhanced Experience 2.0 PCs have optimized system files, processes, and hardware settings to achieve quicker boot and shutdown times. Start your PC on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer, and benefit from increased productivity in the office. Learn more.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows® 7 with optional RapidDrive SSD

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows® 7 with optional Lenovo-developed RapidDrive technology is optimized for business. Combined with RapidBoot technology, these models offer even faster boot and shutdown, along with dramatically improved application performance. And with superior Web conferencing and robust security features, you’ll benefit from increased productivity at the office. Learn more.

Lenovo previous generation Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7

Lenovo certification for previous generation Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7 identifies PCs that deliver faster start-up and connection times plus more entertainment and business features than typical systems with Windows 7 without this functionality.

2nd generation Intel® Core™ i series processors

Select ThinkCentre models are powered by up to 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which features smart performance and built-in visuals for a visibly better PC experience. Learn more.

Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processors

Run more applications without slowing down performance. Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processors are ideal for multitasking and multimedia applications like playing HD video or burning DVDs.

Up to AMD FX Series processor

AMD multicore processors offer powerful performance for your desktop at affordable prices. The M77 includes up to AMD FX Series, which is associated with AMD’s fastest processors and most powerful platforms. These processors and platforms drive rich visuals for graphics-intensive applications and high-resolution multi-monitor configurations.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Lenovo systems are optimized for Microsoft Office 2010. Purchase a Product Key or DVD to activate the preloaded full-featured Office software or reduced functionality versions of Word and Excel. Learn more.
Security and PC management tools

ThinkVantage® Technologies

ThinkVantage® Technologies is a suite of PC management and security solutions. This software/hardware-based technology offers cost-effective tools to protect and manage company assets and intellectual property. Learn more.

ThinkVantage® Client Security Solution

A component of the ThinkVantage solution that safeguards your data by providing user authentication, data protection and secure wired and wireless communications. This software/hardware-based technology is a cost-effective security measure that helps protect company assets and intellectual property. Learn more.

ThinkVantage® Rescue and Recovery®

This hassle-free, one-button recovery solution lets you restore your previously saved system image including data, applications and operating system. It also provides a pre-operating system environment with networking capabilities, allowing you to access your network even if the operating system will not boot. The latest version is available via download.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader keyboard

Keep your passwords at your fingertips. Gain convenient access to confidential files with the swipe of a finger. Biometric fingerprint authentication is one of the most secure log-in processes available.
Business-friendly features

ThinkCentre® stable platform

ThinkCentre desktops offer image stability for long-term deployments to help reduce transition, qualification, and testing costs. These models are produced for at least 12 months after general availability (varies by product) with no planned hardware changes that affect the preloaded software image. Some models offer up to 15 months stability.

Tool-free design

No tools required. Easily upgrade and expand your PCs and avoid costly replacement, free up IT staff, and increase PC longevity. Simply flip up the cover, internal slots and/or bays and slide components right in.
Cost-saving/energy conservation features

ThinkVantage® Power Manager

Save energy and lower utility bills. Monitor and control energy-consumption remotely for maximum savings. Individuals can even preset energy-saving options.

Up to ENERGY STAR 5.2 rating

Select M Series desktops carry the ENERGY STAR label, attesting to their superior energy efficiency. This translates into lower operating costs, less overall energy use, and reduced heat emissions, making a Lenovo desktop a wise choice for the environment. Learn more.

GREENGUARD® certified

GREENGUARD® certified PCs have been tested for up to 2,000 potentially harmful contaminants. Lenovo is the only computer manufacturer to have any of its products GREENGUARD-certified. Learn more.

EPEAT® Gold environmental rating

Under the federally funded EPEAT® program in the US, manufacturers declare their products' conformance to a comprehensive set of environmental criteria. EPEAT Gold products must meet all 23 required criteria and at least 75% of the optional criteria. Learn more.

Post-consumer content

Select ThinkCentre desktops are made from up to 48.8% post-consumer content (PCC), which ecologically re-purposes recycled plastic materials. Use post-consumer content helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Learn more.
Genuine Windows® software is published by Microsoft and licensed and supported by Microsoft or an authorized licensor. Genuine software helps protect you from the risks of counterfeit software, provides you with special benefits and the experience and support you expect. Learn more by visiting www.microsoft.com/genuine