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ThinkPad laptops offer SimpleTap software
ThinkCentre desktops with SimpleTap software

Simple. Convenient. Customizable.

Lenovo's SimpleTap 2.0 software combines the simplicity of a smartphone with the power of a PC by enhancing your computer interactions. An intuitive, tile-based display gives you quick control – with a simple two-finger tap or a mouse click, you can:


  • Customize tiles and conveniently launch your favorite websites, tools, and applications
  • Choose from a suite of popular content partner tiles
  • Access settings and status indicators, such as brightness, wireless, and audio


Download and install SimpleTap 2.0 on any Lenovo ThinkPad or ThinkCentre PC with Windows® 7 PC, including non-touchscreen models. And starting soon, all ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops with Windows 7 will ship with SimpleTap 2.0 software already installed. To learn more, read the latest from our bloggers and forum participants.

Download Lenovo SimpleTap 2.0

Lenovo's SimpleTap 2.0 makes it easy to access keyboard functions even while in tablet mode.

Watch SimpleTap in action.