Lenovo recommends Windows. 


Computing muscleGo big on graphicsClever, quiet design



These systems show up ready for work.    

Of course the latest Intel® processors (Xeon® CPUs with Turbo Boost Technology) are fast, but they’re also designed for intelligent performance and energy efficiency. They make automatic adjustments based on your usage. To amp up responsiveness, we've made room for as many as 12 DIMM slots on select models. Need workstation power you can take with you? Get ThinkPad W Series — our most powerful portable.


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Graphics and monitors galore. 

Select ThinkStation workstations integrate NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics with SLI technology, the Tesla™ high-performance computing solution. We also support up to a whopping eight monitors simultaneously.


The Lenovo ThinkStation C20 should be at the top of your list if you're looking for an ISV-certified Windows 7-based workstation.





Design makes the difference between working hard and working smart.     

Toolless chassis access, clean cable management, side cover latches, easy rack mounting, a recessed power button to prevent
accidental shutoff — every ThinkStation design detail is carefully thought-out. Small form factor models give you more horsepower
to the inch: up to 14 systems can fit on a standard 42U rack. We also paid special attention to the cooling system, making
ThinkStations far less likely to fail. And we lowered their idle noise to a nearly undetectable 24 decibels.