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Compact styleGo hands-onDependable valueMultimedia fun
Picture of a C-Series

A sleek façade. Thin, clutter-free design. C Series all-in-one systems are tidy and

unobtrusive, with fewer parts and cables than conventional desktop PCs. And even

though they’re small enough to be discreet, chances are your friends will notice them.

Picture of a C-Series

We know this PC is stylin’, but try not to spend all your time staring at it.

Take a hands-on approach with our responsive touchscreen technology on

select models. Get precise, simple control of documents, applications and multimedia.

Picture of a C-Series

Whether you’re looking for a starter, a replacement or a second home PC,

the C Series packs in the things you need: easy setup, automatic

driver and application installation, and reliable file rescue and recovery.

And, it does this all at a fair price.

Picture of a C-Series

What is home entertainment, C Series style? Fun gaming, music and

video for your whole family. Integrated stereo speakers bring the sound

while HD graphics on select models provide dazzling images.

The Lenovo C300 is the best-rounded Intel Atom-based nettop that we’ve run across.